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Iftikhar Malik, The History of Pakistan (Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn, 2008)

Posted in New Publications by Pippa on September 29, 2008

Please see the following note from Iftikhar Malik about his latest book:

Just to let your know that The History of Pakistan has just come out this week and hopefully should help in imparting your foundation courses on South Asia, as the effort has been to avoid thick jargonistic approach while seeking out the history/prehistory of ancient Indus lands until more recent political developments in Pakistan. 
Description: The History of Pakistan explores the rich and intricate past of a highly diverse nation still in the process of determining its own identity. Rooted in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, shaped by the cultures of both the Middle East and South Asia, and now predominantly devoted to Islam, Pakistan has emerged as a unique Indo-Muslim community, viewed with caution and curiosity by the rest of the world. In this latest volume of Greenwood’s History of Modern Nations series, readers discover the foundations of modern Pakistan, from its earliest empires and shared history with India to the coming of Islam and its successful fight for independence in 1947. This highly informative guide also examines the key issues and attitudes guiding Pakistan today: their volatile feud with India over the region of Kashmir and the right to nuclear development, internal debates over the role of Islam in Pakistani society, and the unbreakable dominance of the military in political affairs. Poised between a radically changing India and the politically unstable Middle East, Pakistan is an important nation to understand as it determines its course in a rapidly changing world.
        Table of Contents:

        *       Series Foreword
        *       Preface
        *       Acronyms
        *       Chronology
        *       Chapter One The Indus Heartland and Karakoram Country
        *       Chapter Two The Indus Valley Civilisation: Dravidians to Aryans
        *       Chapter Three Islam in South Asia: The Indus and Delhi Sultanates
        *       Chapter Four The Great Mughals and the Golden Era in the Indo-
        *       Islamic Civilisation, 1526-1707
        *       Chapter Five The British Rule and the Independence Movements
        *       Chapter Six Muslims in South Asia and the Making of Pakistan
        *       Chapter Seven Pakistan: Establishing the State, 1947-58
        *       Chapter Eight Military Take-over and the Separation of East Pakistan, 1958-1971
        *       Chapter Nine Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, PPP and the Military Regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, 1972-88
        *       Chapter Ten Democratic Decade: 1988-1999. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif
        *       Chapter Eleven General Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan in the Twenty-first Century
        *       Biographical Notes
        *       Glossary
        *       Bibliography

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