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Religions and Development Research Programme 3rd annual seminar

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on November 7, 2008

Religion in the public and private spheres: implications for development policy and practice

Monday 26th January, 2009, 10.00-17.00, University of Birmingham


The third annual seminar organised by the Religions and Development Research Programme will consider some of the implications of increasing recognition of the significance of religion for development theory, policies and practices. Religion has always been important both in the private sphere of people’s lives and in the public sphere, where religious values and beliefs influence attitudes and behaviour and religious organisations play important roles in society.


Call for papers

Papers based on work under way as part of the Religions and Development Research Programme will be presented. In addition, papers addressing the following questions are invited:

·         What roles does religion play in people’s lives and social relations? What is the evidence on the ways in which it influences their conceptions of development, attitudes and practices?

·         What roles do religious institutions (informal social norms and rules) play in economic and political society? What implications do these have for economic development and socio-political relationships?

·         How do religious organisations interact with secular and government organisations? What are the implications for ‘good governance’, as defined in the mainstream development debate?


A title and abstract of between 200 and 400 words should be sent to Courtney Dobson at c.bain.1@bham.ac.uk by 20th November, 2008. Authors will be notified if their paper has been selected for presentation by 30th November, 2008. Full papers (up to 8,000 words) should be sent by 10th January, 2009. Suitable papers may be considered for publication in the Religions and Development working paper series. It may be possible for the paper presenters to be assisted with their travel costs, provided that a full paper is received.


Speakers (to be confirmed)

·         Olakunle Odomosu The characteristics and activities of FBOs in Nigeria: a preliminary mapping

·         Masooda Bano Education for girls in Pakistan: do madrasas have a role?

·         Dipankar Gupta Growth or development: do religious motivations make a difference?

·         Joe Devine and Sarah White Religion, politics and the everyday moral order in Bangladesh

·         Heather Marquette ’Whither morality?’ Researching the link between corruption and religion

·         Gerard Clarke Trans-faith humanitarianism: Muslim Aid and the United Methodist Committee on Relief

·         Paul Jackson ‘Negotiating with ghosts’: cycles of conflict and prospects for peace in Northern Uganda



All participants, including presenters, are required to register for the seminar by 5th January at the latest. Registration will be available soon from the RaD website, www.rad.bham.ac.uk

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