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The South Asian Mosaic of Society and the Arts (SAMOSA) Festival

Posted in Events, News/Information by Pippa on November 11, 2008

Yes, we are live and ready to roll those samosas with a superb launch on 16th November at the National Museum at 4pm.  This year we have two pranksters from the westend in London who both have the roots in East Africa. Shane Solanki and Yusra Warsama open the festival with a performance entitled, “Oceans Apart” based on the personal journeys of both poets woven into the fictional story of a couple who fall in love despite their cultural differences. Sounds like we should be inviting Harpeet and Clement…:)

Tickets are available on the door @ 500/=. For advance bookings, please email: samosa@awaazmagazine.com



The South Asian Mosaic of Society and the Arts (SAMOSA) Festival which was first organized at the GoDown in 2005, is a cultural tool conceptualized by AWAAZ. It has showcased the South Asian community within East Africa through a series of exhibitions, discussion forums, concerts and dance performances. The vision is to make the SAMOSA Festival, with its emphasis on cultural fusion, become an item on the world cultural calendar, to be mentioned in the same breath as the Zanzibar International Film Festival, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Previous festivals have successfully focused on aspects of the past. This year’s SAMOSA theme is “Celebrating Daily Life”. It will allow us to highlight what is joyous and beautiful in the day to day interactions of each and every one of us.

Our aim is not only to forge partnerships with our sponsors but also, through our advertising campaign, to draw attention to our partners’ often unsung contributions to the wellbeing of the community at large. It is for this reason that we would like to interest philanthropists  and corporates in joining us for what is to be the largest, most exciting SAMOSA Festival ever.

See further: http://www.samosafestival.com/

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