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Punjab History Timeline

Posted in News/Information by Pippa on November 17, 2008

How would you like the details of 2000 years of Punjabi and Sikh history at your fingertips? UKPHA launches http://www.punjabhistory.org/ – a new Punjab History timeline resource on the internet.

When Alexander the Great burst through the Himalayan ranges and into the Punjab in 326 B.C., he was an early proponent of what became an established tradition of conquerors and marauders who entered from foreign lands to variously plunder, conquer, ravage, and then leave. The continuity, viciousness, and inevitability of these incursions made a profound impression on the indigenous people of this unique area, informing virtually every aspect of life in the Punjab. The consequence is a land of continual conquest, migration, and settlement and a people congruent with these hard facts of life.

This website uncovers some of the events and remarkable people that have defined the region of the Punjab.

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