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WASHINGTON DIARY: Unwarranted fears by Dr Manzur Ejaz

Posted in Articles, News/Information by Pippa on November 25, 2008

It was evident that the hateful ideology taught at our schools and colleges could not overcome the eternal compassion that people of the same culture have for each other. It revived my faith in humanity and the capacity of human beings to forgive and love each otherWhile in Pakistan for about two weeks, my hectic schedule allowed me little time to turn on the TV or read the newspaper. It was just the opposite of my usual view of Pakistan from abroad, derived mainly through the print and electronic media. What I saw was very different from what I would have expected, given the media reports.


Life was quite normal: the streets were full of school-going children and office-goers in the morning and sickening road congestion in the evening shopping hours. The scene was the same wherever I went, from Sahiwal to Sialkot. There was no mention of bomb threats or jihadi attacks in the part of Punjab where I was travelling. Although from media reports it would seem that the entire country was being run by extremists.

These aspects were exceptionally important for me, because during my visit I was hosting a group of Sikh men and women led by Dr Shahmshir Singh, an ex-official of the World Bank.
To read the full article: http://www.wichaar.com/news/294/ARTICLE/10050/2008-11-18.html

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