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East Punjabi Literature: At Cross Roads by Amrita Chaudhry

Posted in Articles, News/Information by Pippa on December 5, 2008

Punjabi is one language that is spoken in nearly 160 countries. It is the 11th most widely spoken language. Crores of  Punjabis residing in these nations, speak, read and write in Gurmukhi and a large section does the same in Shahmukhi. However a recent report said to be released by Unesco had every one alarmed. This report said that Punjabi language would disappear in the next 50 years.


Experts agree to the fact that survival and growth of language is much dependent on the literature that it produces. This one medium that keeps not only a language alive and kicking but also the people who speak this language. Sadly jury agrees to the fact that the Punjabi literature, music, cinema, art have all come to a point of stagnation. No doubt books written in Punjabi language are still be churned out in hundreds each year, yet Punjabi language till date has only one Jnanpeeth and is still awaiting a classic, despite all time greats and landmark books be it be novel, poetry, cinema, music or short story.


The reasons are many, transitional times, lack of awareness amongst the writers, no government support and others. We decided to check out each genre and the realities that mar it.

To read full article: http://www.apnaorg.com/research-papers/amrita-1/

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