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RGS-IBG annual conference, Manchester 2009

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Beyond Home and Family: Alternative Spaces of Ethno-Consumption

Sponsored by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and the population Geography Research Group

Convenor: Kathy Burrell (De Montfort University)


With commodities and consumption firmly embedded in geographic research and debates (Bridge & Smith, 2003; Goss, 2006; Mansvelt, 2008), the important roles that material culture and consumption play in locating and embedding migrant identities are now increasingly recognised. Homespaces, as sites of consumption and performances of ethnicity, have been especially closely investigated (Petridou, 2001, Tolia-Kelly, 2004; Walsh, 2006; Miller, 2008). Transnational family relationships have also been highlighted as important sites of consumption in migrants’ lives (Marques et al. 2001; Gardner & Grillo, 2002; Burrell, 2008). With so much research in this area taking place within the parameters of ‘home’ and ‘family’, however, the intense emotional and performative connections between ethnicity, migration, consumption and material culture which take place beyond the immediate spaces of home and family need more attention. This session therefore seeks to interrogate these ethno-consumer connections, looking beyond homespaces and family units to consider the social, emotional and performative geographies at play in alternative, and often hidden, spaces of ethnicity and consumption.


 With this in mind, this session invites papers which explore this theme. Topics could include:


  • Ethnic retailing and specialist shops and products
  • The development of particular shopping areas
  • Beauty services
  • Magazines
  • The internet
  • Fashion and dress
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure venues

Please send all enquiries and completed abtracts to Kathy Burrell (kburrell@dmu.ac.uk) by Friday 23rd January 2009. When submitting your abstract please ensure you include: your name, institutional affiliation, contact email, title of proposed paper, abstract (no more than 250 words), and any technical requirements.

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