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Visualising Migration and Divided Societies

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Deadline 9th January 2009

Conference: ‘Visualizing Migration and Divided Societies’ Organizers:

Susan Ball (University of Paris 8) Chris Gilligan (University of the West of Scotland)

Hosted by the MSH Paris Nord 5th June 2009

Supported by: EA1569 Transferts critiques et dynamiques des saviors (domaine anglophone), and the University of Paris 8.


Contemporary society is often characterised as being marked by unprecedented levels of movement of people, goods and information (as articulated, for example, in discussions of globalisation, information society or liquid modernity). A related theme is that of barriers and division (as articulated, for example, in concerns about residential segregation, social exclusion or immigration controls).


This conference’s focus on migration and divided society brings these two themes together in a single framework, and shifts the method of their analysis from concepts which have been predominantly language-based and/or number-based to the visual medium. In the conference we want to bring social scientists (sociologists, geographers, historians, anthropologists, researchers in urban and development studies, etc.) together with practitioners who are employed primarily in a visual medium (photography, audiovisual material, new media, museum scenography, thematic cartography, etc.) in order to generate synergies between the different fields. By giving primacy to methods of visual study we hope to enable researchers trained in the social sciences to experience the social world through additional analytical lenses, and to develop a critical dialogue between the disciplines that will further our understanding of the core concepts: ‘migration’ and ‘divided society’.


We are interested in papers that address migration in one of a variety of different forms. These include migration as: immigration, emigration, ‘white flight’, return migration, temporary migration (students and business travellers) rural to urban migration, transnational movements, internal movements, etc. It follows on that we are also interested in papers which address different types of migrants: economic migrants,  labour migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, cultural migrants, etc.


Theoretical, methodological and empirical papers are welcome. A title and an abstract (around 300 words) will be sufficient for submission, by 9th January 2009.

Please direct all enquiries and abstracts to Susan Ball (s.ball@wanadoo.fr) or Chris Gilligan (chris.gilligan@yahoo.co.uk)

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