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Punjab’s migrants take less home By Geeta Pandey, BBC

Posted in Articles, Migration, News/Information by Pippa on December 18, 2008

BBC News, Jalandhar, Punjab state
Pyara Singh is on his annual visit home from Hamburg, Germany, where he works as a cook in a pizzeria.
He has been away for 14 years, but his parents, wife and two children live in Giljian, a village in the Jalandhar district of India’s northern state of Punjab.
“I have two acres of land, but that isn’t enough to support the whole family. So I migrated to Germany. As a cook, I make six euros ($8) an hour,” he says.
Pyara Singh now only gets four or five hours of work a day
Mr Singh lives cheaply – he shares a small apartment with several other workers from Punjab and eats frugally, which allows him to save most of his earnings.
His annual visits are eagerly looked forward to by his family – when he comes, he brings his year’s savings, which help the family live more comfortably for the rest of the year.
His savings have helped the family build a new two-storey house where he sits and chats now. With several bedrooms, a drawing room, a lounge and a courtyard, the house is spacious and accommodating.
But Mr Singh is a worried man now – the economic recession in Germany has made the going tough for him.
To read the full article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7780040.stm

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