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The Punjab: Representations and Identities – call for papers

Posted in Conferences, News/Information by Pippa on January 22, 2009

Convenor: Claire Chambers, Leeds Metropolitan University (C.Chambers@leedsmet.ac.uk)

Attention to Punjab has been divided along the lines created by partition, with scholars of India and Pakistan focusing on their own part of the region. However, this panel intends to break down such divisions to consider the area on both sides of the border. In doing this, scholars will draw upon the two Punjab’s shared but differentiated legacies of British colonialism, traumatic experiences of partition, relative economic vitality, dominance in their regions, and centrality to (re)inventions and imaginings of the postcolonial Indian and Pakistani nation-states. In an effort to enhance understandings of Punjabi literature, history and anthropology, this panel will discuss representations of the Punjab in research from different disciplines. It will explore the topographical, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity of the region. Should the panel be accepted for BASAS 2009, the Journal of Punjab Studies will be approached with a view to publishing a symposium of papers. It is anticipated that the panel will represent a genuinely interdisciplinary attempt to theorize the region and it is hoped that most of the major languages and dialects spoken in the Punjab will be represented (including Punjabi, Siraiki, Potohari, English, and Hindko).

The deadline is 25 January

Programme updates and suggestions for accommodation should be up by the end of the week on the CSAS website: http://www.csas.ed.ac.uk/index.php

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