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Journal of Punjab Studies Spring-Fall 2008 Vol 15, Nos. 1&2

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Table of Contents

Gurinder Singh Mann           Editorial                                                                   


Part I.                                   Guru Gobind Singh: Life and Legacy                  

J.S. Grewal                          Guru Gobind Singh: Life and Mission                       

Indu Banga                           Raj-Khalsa: Ideology and Praxis                               

Reeta Grewal                       Anandpur: The City of Guru Gobind Singh               


Part II.                                  Writings Around 1700                                             

Ami P. Shah                         Liturgical Compositions in the Dasam Granth         

John Stratton Hawley           Shabad Hazare                                                         

Christopher Shackle            Zafarnama                                                                

Ami P. Shah                         Ugradanti and the Rise of the Tisar Panth               

John Stratton Hawley & Gurinder Singh Mann                                                       Mirabai in the Pothi Prem Ambodh                                            


Part III.                                 Additional Reference Materials                            

Gurinder Singh Mann           Sources for the Study of Guru Gobind Singh’s Life and Times  

Gurinder Singh Mann           Facsimiles of Core Compositions in the Earliest Manuscripts of the Dasam Granth  


Further details: http://www.global.ucsb.edu/punjab/jps_vol_15.html

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