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Musafer – Sikhi is Travelling – A Documentary

Posted in Film, News/Information by Pippa on January 25, 2009


A film by Michael Nijhawan & Khushwant Singh Edited by Celeste Diamos


Musafer is a digital, 4:3 format independent documentary film that has been shot in Frankfurt, Paris, London and San Francisco between 2003 and 2008. The film portrays the interconnected life of a younger generation of diasporic Sikhs by giving emphasis to their artistic expressions and in-depth conversations about the meaning of Sikhi in times of political upheaval and social uncertainty. Musafer does not attempt to portray the Sikh tradition in its multifaceted forms, but instead sheds a light on the inner and outer journeys of particular individuals, their homing desires, as well as their boundary crossing endeavors


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