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Religion and Globalization in Asia: Prospects, Patterns, and Problems for the Coming Decade

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March 13 & 14, 2009 University of San Francisco, Lone Mountain Campus
Presented by The Kiriyama Chair for Pacific Rim Studies at the USF Center for the Pacific Rim

Join us in beautiful San Francisco as keynote speakers Mark Juergensmeyer (UC Santa Barbara), Saskia Sassen (Columbia), Nayan Chanda (Yale)-and nine other presenters — explore the dynamics of globalizing forces on the established and emerging religions of South and East Asia.

One of our central concerns will be to understand “the dialectical tension of codependence and codeterminism between religion and globalization.” How do communication technologies, capital flows, security issues, transnationalism, immigration and migration, and identity politics contribute to social conditions in which some kinds of religious belief and practice prosper and proliferate, while others are adversely affected?

Conference Description:
Few scholars or policy makers twenty years ago could have imagined that the first decades of the 21st century would be a time of explosive and wide-spread religiosity. As modernity progressed and societies became more secular and democratic, religion was supposed to loosen its hold on the ways men and women envisioned their place in the world. On the contrary, the dynamics of globalization-such as communication technologies, immigration and migration, capital flows, transnationalism, and identity politics-have contributed to social conditions in which religious belief and practice not only survive but prosper and proliferate.

Please visit the conference website: http://www.pacificrim.usfca.edu/religionandglobalization.html  

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