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Migrations & Identities – A journal of people and ideas in motion

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migrations & identities is a new journal published bi-annually by Liverpool University Press.  The title represents a programme: We aim to interrogate notions of ‘identity’ while asking how the fact of mobility and displacement does shape understandings of self and the wider world, among both migrants and ‘host’ societies.  By the same token, we seek to understand how ideas and concepts are transformed as they ‘migrate’ from one place and culture to another.  These issues have been, and continue to be, addressed under a number of rubrics and through a number of approaches in the humanities and social sciences.  In acknowledgement of this, migrations & identities is multi- and interdisciplinary in its conception and management.  It also aims to cover the widest possible range of places, periods and methods, subject only to a shared curiosity and enthusiasm about the possibilities of working at the interface between the investigation of the material conditions of migration processes and the study of ideas and subjectivities.  In particular, we hope that scholars working in many fields will find in migrations & identities a forum for discussion of the methods appropriate to a project of linking observable experience and mentalities in different times and places, and that among the topics of discussion will be the real challenges involved in conversing across disciplinary boundaries.

We invite manuscripts from scholars representing all disciplines and methodologies which can contribute to this discussion.  These might include case studies based on empirical research which are framed by and reflect on the methodological and theoretical issues set out above, essays which focus on questions of theory and methodology, or review articles. The journal will be published twice a year.


Volume 1 Issue 1 2008 now available

The Editors

Investigating Language and Identity in Cross-Language Narratives
Bogusia Temple

 Greek Identity and the Settler Community in Hellenistic Bactria and Arachosia
Rachel Mairs

 ‘Writing My History’: Seven Nineteenth-Century Scottish Migrants to New Zealand Revisit their Pasts
Rosalind McClean

 Immigrant Attachment and Community Integration: A Psychological Theory of Facilitating New Membership
Stanley A. Renshon


Volume 1 Issue 2 forthcoming…

Highlights to include:

 Emotional Attachment … to What? A Comment on Renshon

Harald Bauder

 Representations of Diasporic Unbelonging:  Surrealism in the Work of

Biyi Bandele-Thomas & Yinka Shonibare

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard

Methodological issues in studying the identity of long-established ABC

Lucille Ngan


Find out more about the journal at http://migrationsandidentities.lupjournals.org/

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