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Asia-Europe Workshop Series

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The European Alliance for Asian Studies is a co-operative framework of some leading European institutes specializing in Asian Studies. It was established in 1997. Till 2007, the European Alliance for Asian Studies focused exclusively on East and South-East Asia. Since then it has opened up for India and Pakistan, but still excludes the rest of South Asia in its activities. The partner institutions are the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) at Copenhagen University, Denmark; International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden University, Netherlands; Centre for International Studies and Research (CERI-Sciences-Po), Paris, France; European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS), Brussels, Belgium; Centro de Estudios de Asia Oriental (CEAO), Madrid, Spain; School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, UK; GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg, Germany; and the Swedish School of Advanced Asia-Pacific Studies (SSAAPS), Stockholm, Sweden.



Together with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in Singapore, the European Alliance for Asian Studies invites annual applications for workshop grants through the so-called Asia-Europe Workshop Series. This is a way to stimulate innovative research on contemporary topics of interregional and multilateral importance to both Asia and Europe. The programme is open for researchers in the 43 so-called ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) countries – since 2007 also including India and Pakistan. Junior and senior researchers from academic institutes in the ASEM member countries are eligible to apply for grants. The proposed workshops should have an innovative and cross-disciplinary topic, address shared interests of Asia and Europe, and stimulate interregional dialogue. Deadline for applications for the Asia-Europe Workshop Series 2010 is Wednesday 1 July 2009.

For more information: http://www.asia-alliance.org/index.php?q=workshop-series

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