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October 22-23, 2009
The Finnish Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration
University of Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland Joensuu, Finland

The theme of the sixth annual ETMU Days, Finland and Innovative Cultural Diversity, is being approached from several angles. The purpose of the event is to create an open dialogue for researchers and representatives of different sectors and to discuss Finland of tomorrow. The ETMU Days in Joensuu will offer a multiform ensemble including scientific presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions on current topics.

The theme area of the ETMU Days can be approached from following directions: ethnicity, international mobility, multiculturalism, integration, indigenous and national minorities, minority rights, citizenship, nationalism, racism, refugees, religion, gender, education, upbringing and comparable topics.

The speakers at the conference are Professor Doreen Massey (Open University, UK), Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol), Dr Aulikki Sippola, Professor Ari Lehtinen (University of Joensuu) and Docent Pasi Saukkonen (CUPORE, University of Helsinki). Also MDs Merja Räihä (Prokura) and Kim Väisänen (Blancco Ltd) are to be given the floor as well as to the presentatives of ministry level and EU.

The languages of the conference are Finnish and English.

Please, send your suggestion for a workshop Several workshops dealing with the above mentioned themes will be held at the conference. Researchers, research groups and students of the field may suggest topics for these workshops. The suggestions should include the name of the workshop and an approx. 200-word introduction to the theme. Suggestions should also specify the language of the workshop to be used and are to be submitted by 30.03.2009.

We are also searching for co-ordinators for the workshops. Their task is to choose abstracts for their workshops and function as chairpersons. The co-ordinators themselves are also welcome to suggest topics for workshops. As each workshop is established, information about it will be added to the website of ETMU and abstracts for them can be suggested from that moment onwards, yet latest in August 2009.

For further information: http://etmu.fi/etmudays/eng/etmudays.html

Session proposals: Conference secretary Maiju Parviainen, maiju.parviainen@joensuu.fi

ETMU: The Finnish Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration
Together with University of Joensuu (Karelian Institute, Department of Finnish Language and Cultural Research and Department of Sociology and Social Policy).
In collaboration with University of Eastern Finland and North Karelian University of Applied Sciences.


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