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CALL FOR PAPERS – Sites and Politics of Religious Diversity in Southern Europe

Posted in News/Information, Research by Pippa on March 17, 2009

Editors: Ruy Blanes and José Mapril
Publisher: Brill (pending final approval of MS)
Expected date of publication: 2010

We are pleased to invite you to contribute an essay to a proposed book on “Sites and Politics of Religious diversity in Southern Europe”. Pending approval of the final manuscript, the book will be part of the International Studies in Religion and Society (ISRS) series, published by E.J. Brill.


In recent years, the Southern borders of Europe (from Ceuta to Lampedusa and Athens) have become landmarks for the media and academic verve regarding the migration and diasporas towards and beyond ‘Schengen Europe’. In these debates, religion is acknowledged as playing a central role in the recognition of major societal changes in the continent, being object of political concern and attention: from the recognition of plural forms of Christianity to the debates on a ‘European Islam’, and so on. Yet, in this respect, what goes on around those borders, in the countries that are targeted as gateways for the transglobal flow that finds Europe as its destiny, is still largely uncharted and un-debated.

Traditionally catalogued as ‘single-faith’ nations, part of an alleged ‘Mediterranean cultural continuity’ –a popular interpretation among a generation of anthropologists in the seventies and eighties–, countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece are now experiencing important transformations that defy longstanding categories: Catholic Iberia, Orthodox Greece, etc. Those transformations do not just multiply religious expressions, but also challenge traditional ‘regional’ and ‘national’ socio-political categories, such as nationhood, local belonging, tradition, heritage, citizenship, etc. This book will present and discuss, from a critical point of view, case studies on religious pluralism and diversity in Southern Europe, and on the impact of migrant religiosity in national and EU politics.

We welcome in particular anthropologically and sociologically informed papers that tackle issues directly related to religious diversity and the politics of multiculturalism in this context, focusing on one (or both) of the following approaches: 1) religious pluralism as discourse in the public sphere; and 2) Southern European ethnographies that challenge mainstream perceptions of ‘European religiosity’.


1. We invite you to submit an Abstract Proposal (including title and institutional affiliation) of 300-500 words describing a scholarly essay that you propose to submit with relation to the general theme of the book. Proposals are due to the editors by April 1st, 2009.

2. If your proposal is approved, you will be given guidelines and asked to submit a 8000-word essay (including notes and references) by early July, 2009. Essays must be previously unpublished.

Abstract proposals and further enquiries can be e-mailed to either Ruy Blanes [ruy.blanes@gmail.com] or José Mapril [jmapril@gmail.com].

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