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Posted in Articles, Migration by Pippa on April 3, 2009

Please find attached an article by Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth, Director, GAD Institute of Development Studies, Amritsar. Any comments can be posted here or sent directly to kainthgs@yahoo.com


Rural economy of Punjab has undergone structural transformation. But the dependence of rural population in general and rural labour in particular for earning livelihood from the rural economy continues. This process of rural transformation has perpetuated distress among the rural workforce. It is a strange phenomenon that migrant labour continues to pour into the rural areas. The rural economy of Punjab, due to wage gap, continues to attract huge amount of inflow of people from other poorer states of India. Rural-rural migration is largely seasonal and stays of workers in most cases, is less than six months. The high rate of growth of productivity and value addition during green revolution period in the agriculture sector has given big push to raise the level of living in the rural economy of Punjab.

Full article: migration-and-agricultural-devlopment-in-punjab

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