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NICT and Media Trend in India: Developmental Implications

Posted in Articles by Pippa on April 7, 2009

In the early years of the World Wide Web, there was much talk about the wonderful potential of New Communication Technologies for education, democratization and cultural participation, and of unheard possibilities of human expression and exchange across geographical boundaries. Unfortunately this potential remains undeveloped and economic interest is now dominating the public sphere of the data networks. Although the Internet, like many other innovations including mobile phones services and the most common search engine Google, was originally developed outside competitive commercial markets, the so-called New Economy has failed miserably. The development of the essential technologies of a knowledge-based society has largely been surrendered to the “invisible hands” of the markets. But democratization and freedom of expression should not be left to hysteric stock markets or global entrepreneurs.

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Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth is Director, GAD Institute of Development Studies, 14-preet Avenue, Majitha Road, PO Naushera, Amritsar-143008

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