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Modern Poetry in Translation – next edition ‘Freed Speech’

Posted in Academic Journals, News/Information, Poetry and Literature by Pippa on April 15, 2009

The next issue of Modern Poetry in Translation (Third Series, Number 12, autumn 2009) will be called ‘Freed Speech’.


Last year saw the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. One of those rights is freedom of speech. In our next issue we want to celebrate speech that has been freed. Poetry and translation, working together, have often been the means and the best expression of that liberation. We want examples from past and present, from all over the world, from all manner of circumstances, of people being enabled to speak and of their voices being heard. Of course, we must show the repression and harming of those voices too. But chiefly we hope this issue will be celebratory.We want it to show the triumph of the will to speak, the freeing, the recovery and the enjoyment of tongues. And in this might be included texts which, for one reason or another lost or hidden, have now come to light   


Submissions should be sent by 1 August 2009, please, in hard copy, with return postage, to The Editors, Modern Poetry in Translation, The Queen’s College, Oxford, OX1 4AW.  Unless agreed in advance, submissions by email will not be accepted. Only very exceptionally will we consider work that has already been published elsewhere. Translators are themselves responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions. Since we do sometimes authorize further publication on one or two very reputable websites of work that has appeared in MPT, the permissions should cover that possibility.


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