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ETMU-days – 2nd Call for Sessions

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on April 27, 2009

We have already received submissions for work shops in ETMU-days 2009 of following subjects (language of the group inside brackets):Finland (Finnish)

Migrant’s health and well-fare (Finnish and English)
Muslim women as a minority (English and Finnish)
Diversity management, migrant labour (Finnish or English)
Intercultural and transnational competence in higher education (Finnish or English)
Finland and innovative cultural diversity? (Finnish and English)
Ethnicity from the point of view of visual anthropology (Finnish and English)
Adaptation of Karelians to

There is still room for new submissions and thus we announce the second Call for Sessions open. We are waiting for the suggestions for work shops by 25th May. Our secretary (maiju.parviainen[AT]joensuu.fi) is also ready to receive your abstract suggestions to be send on to the co-coordinators for the work shops. We are about to add further information about the work shops to the website of Etmu in the near future.

Further details: http://www.etmu.fi/index_eng.html

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