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The Ravidassia movement could help to bring about the end of the caste system in India, says Kathryn Lum

Posted in Articles by Pippa on May 12, 2009

Kathryn Lum guardian.co.uk, Friday 8 May 2009

 Each year thousands of pilgrims from all over India as well as abroad converge on the city of Varanasi, site of the holy Ganges river. However, this is no ordinary pilgrimage. What distinguishes these pilgrims from the hundreds of thousands that regularly embark on a yatra (pilgrimage) in India is their low caste, and the fact that they worship a formerly untouchable guru (Guru Ravidass Ji), who dared to challenge caste oppression and prejudice in the 14th century, at a time when low-caste slavery was at its height. Although untouchability has since been formally outlawed and laws passed to counteract centuries of discrimination, the social stigma attached to being low caste has not been erased.

Read full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/may/08/kathryn-lum-face-to-faith

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