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University of Western Sidney RESEARCH LECTURESHIPS

Posted in Vacancies by Pippa on May 22, 2009

UWS wishes to appoint outstanding early career researchers to UWS Research Lectureships. Applicants must have completed a research doctorate within the last five years.

The UWS Research Lectureships are three year contract positions with provision for conversion to on-going normal teaching and research position at the end of three years, subject to evidence of strong research and teaching performance. UWS Research Lectureships will enable early career researchers to concentrate on the development of their research potential. Appointees will be expected to teach only one-third of a normal teaching load during the three year contract and will be provided with research support and support to develop teaching skills and materials.

Applications close on 30 June 2009
Further details: The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Enterprise

The following are the some of the areas being targeted for the twelve UWS Research
Lectureships in 2009.
– Anthropology of religion
– Cultural governance and global diversity
– Cultures, Cities and Sustainability
– Corporate social and environmental responsibility
– Innovation and technology management
– Management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurship

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