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Wed August 19 Motherland Pop; Talk (FREE) + special guests

Posted in Events by Pippa on August 11, 2009

Pop Samiti poster EYou are invited to an event, which will focus on how Asians in Britain can contribute artistically, and culturally to the new globalised south Asian culture.

It is said that the 19th Century belonged to the Europeans and the 20th century belonged to the Americans. Some American commentators believe that that the 21st century is till up for grabs. But Asia’s economic and demographic explosion will ensure that the 21st Century belongs to Asia (by 2025 there will be 1.9 bn people living in South Asia).

What artistic and cultural contribution will Asians in Britain make to this new paradigm?

This event is FREE but space is limited. Anyone interested in this event is encouraged to RSVP to reserve a seat to; tajender@popsamiti.com 

These are some of the questions we will be asking a panel of commentators, writers and thinkers on the Wed Aug 19 

·     If as George Orwell said ‘All Art is Propaganda’, what propaganda are South Asians artists in the UK putting out and do they have anything to say?

·     In the 21st century will the South Asian woman become more sexually liberated and if so what model will this follow?

·     Was the partition of the sub continent a mistake?


Dr Kishore Budha; Media researcher from the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

Parmjit Singh; Independent filmmaker, runs Agitate films and Creative Director of Black Chilli Productions 

Parminder Vir O.B.E; Executive Producer and Media Consultant and founder of the Mayfair Club.

Sara Wajid freelance writer, commentator and editor of Untold London. 

Wednesday August 19, 6.30pm Borders Charing Cross

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