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Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture – call for papers

Posted in Academic Journals by Pippa on August 27, 2009

Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture is a new peer-reviewed journal published by Intellect (http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=173/).
Crossings provides a space for debate on the important nexus of migration and culture from diverse global and local perspectives, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary methodologies. The journal is concerned with questions of displacement, mobility, diaspora, cultural memory, and the negotiation of cultural identity and cultural representation in global and local contexts of migration from the mid twentieth century to the present day.
Contributions are sought from academics working in Migration Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Geography, Media Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Film Studies, Oral History and Ethnography, Modern Languages and Literatures, as well as from cultural practitioners such as filmmakers, photographers, musicians, curators, writers and scriptwriters who work on or around the topic of migration. In addition to refereed articles, Crossings also welcomes review articles of films, music, photography, exhibitions or books on migration-related topics, as well as interviews with cultural practitioners who focus on migration-related topics and oral histories of migrant cultural experiences.
All submissions should be sent electronically to the Principal Editor, Professor Parvati Nair (p.nair@qmul.ac.uk)

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