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Interview with Sathnam Sanghera

Posted in Articles by Pippa on August 27, 2009

The Guardian, Wednesday 19 August 2009

A successful journalist, who gave up the party lifestyle to write a candid memoir when he belatedly discovered his father and sister had schizophrenia, tells Mary O’Hara why mental illness should not be a closed book.
For someone whose first book was lauded as “a real one-off” by author and memoirist Blake Morrison, Sathnam Sanghera is remarkably understated about his recent successes. “It’s constantly bemusing and surprising,” he says of the public and critical reaction to his memoir, The Boy with the Topknot. “It’s a bit presumptuous to think at the age of 28 that anyone would give a shit about your life. Why would anyone care?”
As it happens, people do care about what Sanghera has to say. He has picked up a panoply of awards, including Mind Book of the Year 2009, and, judging from the hundreds of emails he has received “from a whole range of people”, interest in what he has to say is pretty broad.

Read full interview: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/aug/19/interview-sathnam-sanghera-mental-illness

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