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Sikh Diaspora – Call for Contributors

Posted in New Publications by Pippa on October 18, 2009

I was recently approached by one of the editors of Brill’s History of Religions Series about the possibility of producing an edited volume on Sikh diaspora.  As many of your know, the Brill series is a well-established and prestigious one.  Nevertheless, a volume on Sikhism is notably absent from its long series list.  A book on Sikh diaspora would begin to fill this gap.

I am issuing a call for contributors for such a volume.  I am seeking papers with not only substantive content, but those that offer some theoretical or methodological reflections (broadly construed).  I welcome contributions from a wide range of methodological and theoretical perspectives – from history to urban planning, from gender studies to performance studies, from comparative religion to the psychology religion, or from ethnomusicology to ethnographic studies.  Papers of a theoretical nature dealing with the conceptual categories such as “diaspora” or “trans-nationalism” as they relate to Sikh diaspora are also welcome.

If you have a paper you are looking to publish, or have a conference paper you plan to develop for publication, please consider contributing to this project.

If this is something to which you would like to contribute, please let me know the general subject matter of the proposed paper.  I would like to get a sense of the level of interest and participation in this project before proceeding further.

Dr. Michael Hawley, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Religious Studies, Mount Royal University, Email: mhawley@mtroyal.ca

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