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Posted in New Publications by Pippa on May 8, 2010

THE SIKH SEPARATIST INSURGENCY IN INDIA. Political Leadership and Ethnonationalist Movements
JUGDEP S CHIMA Associate Editor for South Asia, Asian Survey, University of California, Berkeley

The Punjab crisis, a two-decade long armed insurgency that emerged as a violent ethnonationalist movement in the 1980s and gradually transformed into a secessionist struggle, resulted in an estimated 25,000 casualties in Punjab . This ethnonationalist movement, on one hand, ended the perceived notion of looking at Punjab as the model of political stability in independent India and, on the other, raised several lingering socio-political questions which have great effect on Indian politics for decades to come, including the prospects of recurring ethnic insurgencies.
It describes in detail the trends which led to the emergence of the Punjab crisis, the various dynamics through which the movement
sustained itself and the changing nature of patterns of political leadership which eventually resulted in its decline in the mid-1990s.
Providing a microhistorical analysis of the Punjab crisis, this book argues that the trajectories of ethnonationalist movements are largely
determined by the interaction between self-interested ethnic and state political elites, who not only react to the structural choices they face,
but whose purposeful actions and decisions ultimately affect the course of ethnic group state relations. It consolidates this theoretical
preposition through a comparative analysis of four contemporary global ethnonationalist movements those occurring in Chechnya , Northern
Ireland , Kashmir, and Assam .
Look inside via Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sikh-Separatist-Insurgency-India/dp/8132103025

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