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cfp: Pakistan Workshop 2011: The Politics of Space

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on May 31, 2010

The Lake District, 7th-9th May 2011

Although the use of space has been implicitly a part of many academic works, it is important to question how it is defined and reproduced. As a dynamic category, it is constantly divided, regulated and negotiated. In Pakistan, the division between the spaces of the private and the public, the visible and the invisible, between the rural and the urban, the legal and illegal, have in some places blurred and in others rigidified. The concept of space allows for an understanding of these and other categories on a concrete, literal and symbolic way. Some of the categories that emerge from within this realm include (but are not limited to):

– the increasing visibility of regional demands for greater autonomy
– the different and competing expressions of religiosity as well as of politics in space
– the sites at which gender is given meaning and reproduced
– the space of the home/domestic/private as opposed to the external / world /public
– changing and overlapping patterns of spatial segregation, communication and transport in the urban areas
– changing social realities and migration networks between urban and rural areas
– overlapping spheres of control occupied by the military, bureaucracy and elite groups
– spaces of resistance and protest
– diaspora
full details: PakistanWorkshop2011_CFP

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