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Political Theology, special issue ‘Ten Years After 9/11’

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The editors of Political Theology are pleased to announce that the latest issue is now available on the web.  PT 12.5 (2011) is a special issue entitled ‘Ten Years After 9/11’, in which twenty-two contributors from across the religious spectrum take stock of the events of September 11, 2001 and their aftermath. Perspectives are offered from theologians, specialists in the study of religion, historians, philosophers, ethicists, anthropologists and political scientists. A number of the contributors are active in the area of interreligious dialogue and interfaith relations. Some are grassroots activists.

To continue reading this introduction, please visit: http://www.politicaltheology.com/blog/?p=526

Political Theology Vol 12, No 5 (2011): Ten Years After 9/11

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
Editorial: An Alternative Vision (641-644)
Colleen Kelly

Political Theology Ten Years After 9/11 (645-659)
Julie Clague

“Do Not Despair of God’s Mercy”: Reflections on the Divine Mercy in
Times of Tragedy (660-665)
Abdulaziz Sachedina

September 11: Meaning in Fragments (666-671)
W. Clark Gilpin

Fragments: Reflections in a Shattered Screen (672-677)
Tina Beattie

9/11 – 100 Years On (678-684)
Hugh Goddard

The War on Terror: Secular or Sacred? (685-690)
William T. Cavanaugh

The World As We Know It (691-695)
Jean Bethke Elshtain

In the Decade After 9/11 (696-698)
Amir Hussain

American by Force, Muslim by Choice (699-705)
Amina Wadud

Keeping Shari’a and Reclaiming Jihad (706-712)
Irfan A. Omar

Osama bin Laden as a Multi-Vocal Symbol (713-721)
Richard Gauvain

The Problem of Religious Violence (722-726)
Alan Mittleman

September 11, 2001: Remember Forgetting (727-736)
Asma Barlas

The Legacy of 9/11: A Decade of Denial and Destruction (737-743)
Reza Pankhurst

Tragedy and Triumphalism (744-751)
Lenn E. Goodman

The Emerging Phenomena of Post-9/11 (752-761)
Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid

Fighting Terrorism through Generosity: The Spiritual Approach to
Homeland Security (762-769)
Rabbi Michael Lerner

The Line Dividing Good and Evil (770-777)
Marina Cantacuzino

After 9/11: Religion and Politics (778-782)
David Novak

Collapsing Horizons (783-791)
Marius Timmann Mjaaland

Mourning 9/11: Walter Benjamin, Gillian Rose, and the Dual Register of
Mourning (792-800)
Ted A. Smith

Political Theology

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