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Ajay Bhardwaj – Three Films on Punjab at frankbrazil.org

Posted in Events, Film by gsjandu on August 30, 2013
ajay bhardwaj

ajay bhardwaj

The PRG is pleased to announce that Ajay’s three films on Punjab are now available on DVD via a new platform recently launched called www.frankbrazil.org. Below is a little about Tajender’s wonderfully named website:

What is Frank Brazil?

The name Frank Brazil was an alias of the Indian revolutionary Udham Singh.

Frank Brazil is an intiative launched in August 2013 by artist Tajender Sagoo. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in textile design, specialising in weaving. Sagoo went on to teach and work as a weaver before pursuing a career as an artist and curator.

We aim to be a platform for South Asian* communities in the UK and overseas. Frank Brazil will assist in generating new ways of seeing South Asian everyday cultures and languages. 

Another core aim of Frank Brazil is to encourage South to South conversations to facilitate the building of knowledge systems outside of western hegemony.

We seek to work with organisations, community groups, thinkers, makers, writers, artists and activists to produce, commission and merchandise new work. 

We are particularly interested in presenting rare and challenging work in art and design to a wider audience. 

We do not subscribe to any elitist hierarchy of art and design and aim to be an open and participatory arts organisation. 

We work on digital and non-digital platforms and media.

We use the pricing mechanism as a tool to distribute our work and to benefit artists. Any surpluses created through this pricing policy will be distributed to good causes. 

*For South Asia read India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan and communities worldwide including Trinidad, Kenya, Guyana, Uganda, South Africa, Jamaica, Canada, UK, Europe and USA.

Details available at:

E: info@frankbrazil.org

T: 075 3047 2483

Send postal enquiries to:

Frank Brazil c/o Tajender Sagoo

Limehouse Town Hall

646 Commercial Road


E14 7HA

This post’s contact: gorby.jandu@gmail.com


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