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CFP: 1st South Asian History Conference, Punjabi University, Patiala

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on September 18, 2013

1st South Asian History Conference


Mapping the Economic and Social Dynamics of Modern South Asia: The Colonial Context

The Department of History, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab (India) will hold its 1st South Asian History Conference on 25- 27 October 2013 at the University campus. This three day conference aims to bring together historians, academicians, research scholars working on the countries of South Asia viz. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka,Afghanistan and Myanmar to cover the gap in South Asian historical studies.

Many socio-economic historical aspects of modern South Asia are still relatively under-researched. Therefore, the theme of the conference is to analyse changes in the economy and society of South Asia in the colonial context and to renew the debate whether colonialism underdeveloped South Asia or modernised its traditional society. The conference will not only open up new aspects of scholarly inquiry but will also help us to understand contemporary South Asia better.

Suggested Themes

Themes might include, but need not be limited to the following:

  • Agrarian class structure & Economy
  • Peasant Consciousness, Behavior and Movements
  • Labour Movements
  • Industry, Trade and Commerce
  • Caste, Class Community and Gender
  • Women’s role and place in society
  • Concept of Domesticity and Midwifery
  • Colonial Perception of Tribes
  • Crime and Criminality
  • Formation of Identities and Communalism as a Social Phenomena
  • Nature of Social Change- The Role of Government Legislations, Missionary Activities and Social Reform Movements
  • Cantonment Areas as a Social Space
  • Marginalization and Social Mobility

Full details: submission of paper punjabi university

Contact Information

Send in your queries at hist.conf2013@gmail.com or contact us at: +91-175-3046192 or +91-175-3046193

1. Dr. Kulbir Singh Dhillon, Professor and Head, Department of History and Dean Students Welfare


2. Dr. Jaspal Kaur Dhanju, Professor and Formerly Head, Department of History


3. Dr. Mohd. Idris, Asst. Professor, Department of History


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