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Punjabi Khojgarh is centre of research, publication and advocacy on the history, culture, literature, music, and art of the Punjab. It was established on the 10th March 2001 under the initiative of celebrated poet and historian Mr Iqbal Qasier . It is maintained by the Punjabi Khojgarh Trust and individuals who work voluntarily to maintain and upkeep the Centre. They have lauched a new blog:


Photos of Khojgarh and from a recent conference on Guru Nanak which drew guests and speakers from around the globe including India.

Library at Khojgarh Iqbal Qaiser

Conference on Guru Nanak at PKG Conference on Guru Nanak at PKG

Conference on Guru Nanak at PKG Conference on Guru Nanak at PKG

Nordic Migration Research

Posted in Academic associations by Pippa on March 13, 2009

The association Nordic Migration Research (formerly known as Nordic IMER) has opened its website.The website includes information about the association, Nordic research activities and conferences. For example, travel grants for PhD students participating in the 14th International Metropolis Conference in Copenhagen.

The address is: http://nordicmigration.saxo.ku.dk/


Nordic Migration Research invites individual researchers, professionals and other persons interested in the fields, themes and disciplines encompassing migration research, to become members of the Nordic Migration Research organisation. Membership of NMR is individual only.

Nordic Migration Reseach offers various membership activities such as thematic seminars and conference panel sessions. In addition Nordic Migration Reseach membership include free subscription to the Nordic Journal of Migration Research.

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