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Digitised books on APNA Web

Posted in New Publications by Pippa on May 22, 2009

The following are some of the recent titles that have been uploaded on APNA Web:


  • The Panjab Chiefs – Sir Lepel H. Griffin
  • Forty-One Years in India – From Subaltern to Commander-in Chief – Field Marshall Lord Roberts
  • Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet – Captain Knight
  • Early Travels in India 1583-1619 – William Foster
  • Across India – Oliver Optic
  • A Ride to India – Across Persia and Baluchistan – Harry D. Windt
  • A Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab – Baron Charles Von Hugel
  • A History of Punjabi Literature – Sant Singh Sekhon & Kartar Singh Duggal
  • The Punjab Peasant in Prosperity and Debt – Malcolm Layall Darling


  • Paare Gunhi Mitti – Zahid Nawazr
  • Bracket De Baharvar – Jatinder Kaur
  • Heer Sial – Swarn Singh Bains
  • Pagri Sanbhaal Jatta To’n Azaadi Wal Autobiography of S. Ajit Singh, Uncle of Shaheed Bhagat Singh – Edited by: Jagmohan Singh
  • Suran De Sodagar – Iqbal Mahal
  • Inkalab Da Baani: Shaheed Bhagat Singh – Dr. Sohinder Bir


  • Inkar:  Pash
  • Koi Dam Yaad Na Keeta:  Zubair Ahmed
  • Waila Simran Da:  Samina Asma
  • Suran De Sodagar – Iqbal Mahal


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