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Journal of Punjab Studies Spring-Fall 2013 Volume 20, Nos. 1 & 2

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The latest issue of the Journal of Punjab Studies is now available.

Table of Contents

Indu Banga: Editorial

Chetan Singh: Geography, Religion and Hegemony: Constructing the State in the Western Himalaya

J.S. Grewal: The Char Bagh-i Panjab: Socio-Cultural Configuration

Karamjit K. Malhotra:  Issues of Gender among the Sikhs: Eighteenth-Century Literature

Mini Sandhu: A Comparative Analysis of the Panchal Pandita and the Punjabi Bhain from a Gender Perspective

Prem Chowdhry: Emerging Patterns: Property Rights of Women in Colonial and Post-Colonial South-East Punjab (Haryana)

Raj Kumar Hans: Sant Poet Wazir Singh: A Window for Reimagining Nineteenth Century Punjab

Anshu Malhotra: Living and Defining Caste: The Life and Writing of Giani Ditt Singh/Sant Ditta Ram

Sheena Pall: The Issues of Sikh Identity: Sanatanist-Sikh Debate

Sasha Tandon: Epidemics in Colonial Punjab

Sukhdev Singh Sohal: Food Crisis, Inflation and Political Control in the Punjab (1940-47)

Reeta Grewal: Urban Patterns in the Punjab Region since Protohistoric Times

Indu Banga: J.S. Grewal on Sikh History, Historiography and Recent Debates

Book Reviews

For access please visit: http://www.global.ucsb.edu/punjab/journal/v20_1_2/index.html

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