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International Conference “Pakistan: Opportunity in Crisis”

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on April 23, 2014

Venue:  St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford

Dates: 10-11 May 2014

Entry: Student (£9) & Non-Student (£15) for registrations until 30/04/2014

More Details & Registration: http://www.knowledge.org.pk/


Pakistan has experienced political turbulences in the past, and its current security and economic challenges are indeed formidable. Yet the country continues to show remarkable national resilience in the face of these challenges. This is contrary to its doomsday portrayal in mainstream media and literature—which remains largely impervious to the myriad complexities of Pakistan’s internal realities, especially some viable social, political and economic transformations the country has undergone in recent years. Occurring amid critical circumstances, these transformations entail rare opportunities for reshaping Pakistan’s domestic politics and foreign policy, which need in-depth analysis and fresh insight. Hence this conference, which brings together prominent scholars and writers on Pakistan from UK and the rest of the world to critically debate the historical, political, social, economic and regional contexts underpinning such transformations, and thus rationally assess their potential outcomes for internal politics and external relations.

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Cfp: Global Studies Conference

Posted in Conferences by Pippa on February 12, 2013

The 2013 Global Studies Conference, held at the India International Center in conjunction with Ambedkar University, will feature sessions on a breadth of topics relevant to Global Studies. Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, roundtables or colloquia are invited, addressing global studies through one of the following themes:

*Economy and Trade
*Politics, Power and Institutions
*Society and Culture
*Resources and Environment

The upcoming deadline for proposal submissions is 19 March 2013. Please visit our website for more information on submitting your proposal, future deadlines, and registering for the conference.

Presenters have the option to submit completed papers to The Global Studies Journal. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual registrations include the option to submit a video presentation, and/or submission to the one of the journals for peer review and possible publication, as well as subscriber access to the journals.

New Delhi and the Global Studies Conference

Entering its sixth year, the Global Studies Conference meets annually to discuss the dynamics of globalization in today’s world. The Global Studies Conference serves as an open forum for exploring globalization from many perspectives. As the center of one of the emerging BRICS economies, New Delhi is a relevant and ideal location to discuss India’s role in globalization.

Further details: http://00ed389.netsolhost.com/cmngnd/vo/globalstudies2013b.html

Punjab needs the will to bounce back…

Posted in Articles by Pippa on July 15, 2009

Book review – Rural Development in Punjab: A Success Story Going Astray

Posted in Book reviews, New Publications by Pippa on April 20, 2009

Eds Autar S. Dhesi and Gurmail Singh. Routledge India.


FOR long, Punjab remained a source of inspiration for rest of the states in India. The role played by its sturdy farmers to make the country self-dependent in the food sector is an amazing success story. Owing to its hard-working people, Punjab remained a leader state for several decades in the country. Following its rising status, various states strived hard to move ahead on the development front.


Read full review in The Sunday Tribune: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2009/20090412/spectrum/book4.htm

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