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cfp: 7th IDSAsr Reconfiguration of Indian Higher Education, March 7-8, 2014

Posted in News/Information by Pippa on January 3, 2014

Guru Arjan Dev(GAD) Institute of Development Studies is a centre for advanced research and training in multi disciplinary areas as diverse as Agriculture and rural development; social change and social structure; environment and resource economics; globalization and trade, industry, labour and welfare; macro economics issues and models; population and development and health policy research. We deem it a great privilege to bring to you kind notice that institute has planned to organize 7th IDSAsr National seminars on the theme: Reconfiguration of Indian Higher Education with effect from March 7-8, 2014.

The contribution of all the players in the field is very necessary for the success of the seminar. All the papers accepted and presented at the seminar will be published with ISBN of the institute. E- Brochure is available at http://www.idsasr.org

Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth
Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies
14-Preet Avenue, Majitha Road
PO Naushera, Amritsar 143008

Cfp: Global Studies Conference

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The 2013 Global Studies Conference, held at the India International Center in conjunction with Ambedkar University, will feature sessions on a breadth of topics relevant to Global Studies. Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, roundtables or colloquia are invited, addressing global studies through one of the following themes:

*Economy and Trade
*Politics, Power and Institutions
*Society and Culture
*Resources and Environment

The upcoming deadline for proposal submissions is 19 March 2013. Please visit our website for more information on submitting your proposal, future deadlines, and registering for the conference.

Presenters have the option to submit completed papers to The Global Studies Journal. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual registrations include the option to submit a video presentation, and/or submission to the one of the journals for peer review and possible publication, as well as subscriber access to the journals.

New Delhi and the Global Studies Conference

Entering its sixth year, the Global Studies Conference meets annually to discuss the dynamics of globalization in today’s world. The Global Studies Conference serves as an open forum for exploring globalization from many perspectives. As the center of one of the emerging BRICS economies, New Delhi is a relevant and ideal location to discuss India’s role in globalization.

Further details: http://00ed389.netsolhost.com/cmngnd/vo/globalstudies2013b.html

The Bucerius Ph.D. Scholarships in Migration Studies “Settling Into Motion”

Posted in News/Information, PhD Studentship by Pippa on January 13, 2009

The Bucerius Ph.D. scholarship program in migration studies “Settling  Into Motion” offers up to eight scholarships for Ph.D. theses  addressing migration in changing societies. For 2009 proposals studying “Migration, Development and the Environment” are especially welcome.

Migration is a double-edged sword: It generates remittances and some countries heavily depend on these transfers for their economic stability. At the same time, migration drains the highly qualified workforce in countries of origin thus weakening long-term development. Environmental degradation and climate change increasingly cause migration as exemplified by the plan of the Maldivian government to move its entire population should ocean levels rise further. On the other hand, large scale migration into camps and shanty towns further deteriorates the environment. Applications for scholarships under this topic would be encouraged to study the following aspects (but are not limited to these):

– Economic, social and cultural remittances
– Return migration
– Migration management including circular migration and other forms of temporary labour arrangements
– Immigration experiences of developing countries
– Migration-development nexus
– Climate change, environment and migration
– Environmental impact of migration
– Innovative approaches both in terms of subject matter and methodology are highly encouraged.

Applicants must be Ph.D. students of – in a broad sense – social sciences. Deadline 25 February 2009 for a stipend starting in August 2009.Please apply online at http://www.settling-into-motion.org/h/index.php  with Ph.D. proposal and two references.

ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius
Anna Hofmann
Feldbrunnenstraße 56
20148 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 4133 6785
Fax: +49 40 4133 6777

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