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Migra-Nord Mobility Programme

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Migra-Nord network offers grants for short (1-2 weeks) scholar visits for Nordic researchers to Nordic universities and research institutions on the basis of application. The intended visit should fit into theme of media, migration and/or ethnic relations. The programme is focused on research and research training. The applicants should be doctoral students or have a PhD. The visit should advance research and collaboration among Nordic scholars. 

The applicant needs to contact the institution where she/he would like to visit. Together with the institute the applicant drafts a working plan for the visit. It can include seminars, presentations, working on a joint article, research proposal, tutoring of doctoral dissertation, and the like.

The grant can cover travel expenses in economy class, meals and accommodation (in longer stays, the applicant should look for a university guesthouse or similar). Please note that according to Nordforsk guidelines daily allowance cannot be paid and receipts are needed for all payments. Costs will be reimbursed after the visit on the basis of receipts and budget.

Interested applicants should first approach Karina Horsti (karina.horsti@helsinki.fi) with a preliminary idea and budget. Final applications will be evaluated by the board of the network on the basis of following requirements:

  • budget is acceptable
  • quality of the project plan
  • outcomes of the visit
  • benefit for research training, career or Nordic collaboration


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October 22-23, 2009
The Finnish Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration
University of Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland Joensuu, Finland

The theme of the sixth annual ETMU Days, Finland and Innovative Cultural Diversity, is being approached from several angles. The purpose of the event is to create an open dialogue for researchers and representatives of different sectors and to discuss Finland of tomorrow. The ETMU Days in Joensuu will offer a multiform ensemble including scientific presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions on current topics.

The theme area of the ETMU Days can be approached from following directions: ethnicity, international mobility, multiculturalism, integration, indigenous and national minorities, minority rights, citizenship, nationalism, racism, refugees, religion, gender, education, upbringing and comparable topics.

The speakers at the conference are Professor Doreen Massey (Open University, UK), Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol), Dr Aulikki Sippola, Professor Ari Lehtinen (University of Joensuu) and Docent Pasi Saukkonen (CUPORE, University of Helsinki). Also MDs Merja Räihä (Prokura) and Kim Väisänen (Blancco Ltd) are to be given the floor as well as to the presentatives of ministry level and EU.

The languages of the conference are Finnish and English.

Please, send your suggestion for a workshop Several workshops dealing with the above mentioned themes will be held at the conference. Researchers, research groups and students of the field may suggest topics for these workshops. The suggestions should include the name of the workshop and an approx. 200-word introduction to the theme. Suggestions should also specify the language of the workshop to be used and are to be submitted by 30.03.2009.

We are also searching for co-ordinators for the workshops. Their task is to choose abstracts for their workshops and function as chairpersons. The co-ordinators themselves are also welcome to suggest topics for workshops. As each workshop is established, information about it will be added to the website of ETMU and abstracts for them can be suggested from that moment onwards, yet latest in August 2009.

For further information: http://etmu.fi/etmudays/eng/etmudays.html

Session proposals: Conference secretary Maiju Parviainen, maiju.parviainen@joensuu.fi

ETMU: The Finnish Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration
Together with University of Joensuu (Karelian Institute, Department of Finnish Language and Cultural Research and Department of Sociology and Social Policy).
In collaboration with University of Eastern Finland and North Karelian University of Applied Sciences.


Professor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmo University

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Last date of application: 2009-03-01

Malmo University
Malmo University offers 90 programmes and 500 courses. Most of our programmes are vocational and interdisciplinary, especially our multidisciplinary research programmes. We are committed to diversity in employment and take a critical approach to knowledge and the impact of globalisation. Malmo University has 21,000 students and is the eighth largest tertiary institution in Sweden.
Culture and society
Culture and society is a multidisciplinary field of education and research that encompasses the following four departments: Global Political Studies, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Art, Culture & Communication (K3) and Urban Studies. The Faculty also includes a Centre for Widening Participation.
Department of International Migration and Ethnic Relations
IMER is a multidisciplinary subject area that considers the fundamental global processes within society and the concrete and ever-changing consequences they have on society and individuals from a migration perspective. Within the IMER field of research, we focus on the causes and effects of migration at international level and on the consequences of migration in the form of integration and segregation related issues at national level. We lecture and research questions such as migration, ethnicity and integration. 

For general information concerning the department IMER, its field of research and education offered, see http://www.mah.se/



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Postdoctoral Grants at the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research

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The purpose of the postdoctoral grants is to give younger, recently graduated researchers the possibility to continue their research career after obtaining their Ph.D.s. A postdoctoral grant amounts to SEK680,000 per year, including overhead. The grant is awarded for two years and is supposed to cover a full-time salary. The receiver of a postdoctoral grant is allowed to develop his or her research freely within the area determined in the research plan. The grant should be administered by a Swedish university or equivalent.

Scholars who have obtained their Ph.D.s between 1 January and 31 December, 2008, are eligible to apply for this postdoctoral grant. The subject of the dissertation and research plan of the applicant should lie within FAS’ areas of responsibility.

For more information about FAS’ areas of responsibility, please refer to: http://www.fas.se

Submitting an application

The last day for submitting a postdoctoral grant application for 2010 and 2011 is Thursday, January 29th, 2009, 5pm CET.



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