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Sikhs in Europe. Migration, Identities and Representations, Edited by Knut A. Jacobsen & Kristina Myrvold

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Sikhs in Europe. Migration, Identities and Representations, Edited by Knut A. Jacobsen, University of Bergen, Norway; Kristina Myrvold, Lund University, Sweden (Ashgate, 2011)

Sikhs in Europe are neglected in the study of religions and migrant groups: previous studies have focused on the history, culture and religious practices of Sikhs in North America and the UK, but few have focused on Sikhs in continental Europe. This book fills this gap, presenting new data and analyses of Sikhs in eleven European countries; examining the broader European presence of Sikhs in new and old host countries. Focusing on patterns of migration, transmission of traditions, identity construction and cultural representations from the perspective of local Sikh communities, this book explores important patterns of settlement, institution building and cultural transmission among European Sikhs.

Contents: Introduction: Sikhs in Europe, Knut A. Jacobsen and Kristina Myrvold; Part I Sikhs in Northern and Eastern Europe: Institutionalization of Sikhism in Norway: community growth and generational transfer, Knut A. Jacobsen; The Sikh community in Denmark: balancing between cooperation and conflict, Helene Ilkjaer; The Swedish Sikhs: community building, representation and generational change, Kristina Myrvold; Sikhs in Finland: migration histories and work in the restaurant sector, Laura Hirvi; The Sikhs in Poland: a short history of migration and settlement, Zbigniew Igielski. Part II Sikhs in Southern Europe: Mirror games: a fresco of Sikh settlements among Italian local societies, Barbara Bertolani, Federica Ferraris and Fabio Perocco; ‘Did you get papers?’: Sikh migrants in France, Christine Moliner; Caste, religion, and community assertion: a case study of the Ravidasias in Spain, Kathryn Lum; Sikh immigrants in Greece: on the road to integration, Niki Papageorgiou. Part III Sikhs in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Sikh diversity in the UK: contexts and evolution, Eleanor Nesbitt; Sikh-ing beliefs: British Sikh camps in the UK, Jasjit Singh; The Valmiki, Ravidasi and Namdhari communities in Britain: self-representations and transmission of traditions, Opinderjit Kaur Takhar; The Sikh diaspora in Ireland: a short history, Glenn Jordan and Satwinder Singh; Glossary; Index.

Link to publisher – Ashgate: http://www.ashgate.com/default.aspx?page=637&pageSubject=549&calcTitle=1&sort=pubdate&forthcoming=1&title_id=10934&edition_id=14157

Sikhs in Europe: Migration, Identity and Translocal Practices

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June 16 – 18 at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University

The Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University is organizing a conference on the Sikhs in Europe. The aim is to gather leading scholars in the multi-disciplinary field of Sikh studies and discuss current research projects focusing on patterns of migration, identity formations, self-representations, transmission of traditions and translocal practices among Sikhs in different parts of Europe. While two conference days are dedicated to presentation and peer-review of papers by the members of the academic network Sikhs-in-Europe, the third conference day will be a workshop for Ph.D. students affiliated to European universities. The conference is open to students and researchers in all disciplines.
Final programme: Sikhs in Europe – Final Conference Program (1)

Beyond Boundaries: Media, Culture and Identity in Europe

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2-3 October 2009, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

What is Europe according to its others? An essence, an origin, a center?  Or is it nothingness, a void or chiasm? Where is Europe? In diasporic or migrant spaces? How is Europe different from the West? Can an identity be made European? Could it be Eurocentric or Euro-chiasmic? Can one leave one’s cultural frame  to take on another? Can one transnationalize and/or regionalize a national identity or vice versa? Can the European Union create a single entity or a grand signifier of Europe out of multiple differences? What is the role of communication, media, and culture in such exchanges, transformations, processes and practices? Can we account for the similarities, proximities, and relations or should we focus on the differences, cleavages, and tensions?

This conference aims to explore the questions above and how such questions surface in media and cultural texts, ranging from everyday practices to media representations. The papers may deal with various meanings of Europe and its relation to non-European cultures, and how these are experienced or altered at the level of media, culture, and identity. Possible paper topics are:

Eurocentrism and its alternatives
Transnationalism and nationalisms
Global, regional, and local media and culture
Diasporic and migrant culture and identities
Gender equality and cultural diversity
Tactics and strategies of dialogue between cultures
Symbolic representations of Europe in various cultural practices
Theories of European cinema, media and culture
Challenges for European cinema, media, and cultural studies
European communication studies and strategies
The EU policies on media, communication, and culture

Please send a 300-word abstract with the name and institutional affiliation of the speaker (mailing address & email address) to emcs@bahcesehir.edu.tr

Deadline for abstracts: June 15, 2009.

For further details about the conference please visit: http://www.emcs.bahcesehir.edu.tr/conference.html

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Call for Papers – Special Issue of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research

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“Effects of migration on demographic change and population composition in Europe”

In December 2008, the Vienna Institute of Demography held its annual conference focusing on the effects of migration on population structures in Europe. We are pleased to inform you that the Editorial Board of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research decided to produce a special issue of the Yearbook dedicated to the topic of this conference, which, however, will not be limited to papers presented at the conference.Oxford University and Dalkhat Ediev from the Vienna Institute of Demography kindly agreed to serve as guest editors for this special issue.Europe” planned to be published in 2009.15 April 2009. Please send your paper and enquiries to populationyearbook@oeaw.ac.at

David Coleman from

We invite you to submit a paper to the Special Issue of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research “Effects of migration on demographic change and population composition in

Submissions must meet the requirements of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research  (http://www.oeaw.ac.at/vid/download/Guidelines_for_Authors.pdf). The deadline for submissions is

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