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Call for Papers (The Historian – A Biannual Research journal)

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 Department of History, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan invites research papers for publication in The Historian, a referred bi-annual research journal. The next issue (Volume: 8 Number. 1, January-June 2010) is intended to examine the relationship between culture(s) and the Pakistani state. The papers should examine the institutional and pedagogical practices in the post-partition Pakistani society. We would keenly welcome theoretically innovative papers analyzing the nexus of culture and the state-craft in the contemporary Pakistan.

Possible areas of study may be:

  1. Institutional Matrix in Pakistan (Military, Police, Bureaucracy)
  2. Education as a controlling technology
  3. Extremism, Modernity and Tradition
  4. Pakistani Bureaucracy/Military as a cultural Elite
  5. Pakistani institutionalization and cultural homo/heterogeneity

The contributors may also discuss other themes with the editor, The Historian, before submitting their papers. The length of the papers should be between 6000 to 8000 words. Please mail your CV and an abstract (400-500 words) by the 15 December 2009 to the Department of History, GC University, Lahore.

 Dr Tahir Kamran: tahirkamran_gcu@yahoo.com

Department of History , GC University, Lahore, Pakistan, www.gcu.edu.pk

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Punjab Research Group – 25th Anniversary Seminar, GC University, Lahore

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The meeting was very Kindly hosted by Dr Tahir Kamran, Chairperson, Department of History, GC University, Lahore.

28th February 2009 Venue: Fazl-i-Hussain Reading Room, GC University, Lahore

  Speakers included:


Dr. Tej Purawal (University of Manchester)

Settlement of Refugees in the Sheikhupura District after Partition by Akhtar Sandhu 

The Organized Left and Representative Politics in Pre-Partition Punjab by Dr. Shalini Sharma

Contextualizing Art Instruction in the Colonial Punjab by Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar

Nawae-i-Waqt: Ideologue of Pakistani Nationalism 1940-47 by Mr. Basharat Hussain

The Portrayal of Punjab as a Cultural Entity in Punjabi Cinema by Mr. Umber Bin Ibad

PRG seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009 PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009

PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009 PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009

PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009 PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009

PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009 PRG Seminar at GCU, Lahore Feb 2009

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SIR GANGA RAM: A Brilliant Man of Punjab

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January 16, 2009

Ganga Ram was an engineer who designed majestic buildings of Lahore, Amritsar, Patiala and other cities in joint India. He had his early schooling from Amritsar.

This fact has been highlighted in his biography “ Sir Ganga Ram” A man for all seasons, authored by Dr. F.M. Bhatti and reprinted by Sir Ganga Ram heritage foundation Lahore.

While Sir Ganga Ram is still an icon for the residents of Lahore where he got higher education and constructed beautiful structures there.

Ganga Ram was born in 1851 in Mangtanwala about forty miles from Lahore and fourteen miles from Nankana Sahib, his father who was Assistant Sub inspector at a Police station later moved to Amritsar.

He was sent to nearby private school near Darbar Sahib in Amritsar. Sir Ganga Ram mastered in calligraphy and Persian. He passed his matriculation from Government High School and joined the Government College Lahore in 1869.

To read the full article: http://lahorenama.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/sir-ganga-ram-a-brilliant-man-of-punjab/

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PRG meeting 28 Feb 2009 – GCU, Lahore

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On 28 February 2009 we are planning to have a special meeting of the Punjab Research Group at GCU, Lahore. Tahir Kamran (Chairman, History Dept, GCU) is very kindly hosting the event. Virinder Kalra and Tej Purewal (both currently visiting lecturers at LUMS) will also be present. More details will follow once the programme has been finalised.


If anyone is interested in presenting a paper or attending please contact me ASAP, pvirdee@dmu.ac.uk.  I am sure it will be a most interesting event as this is the first time the PRG meeting will take place outside the UK.   

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