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Posted in Articles by Pippa on March 26, 2009

Please find attached an article by Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth

Director, GAD Institute of Development Studies, 14-Preet Avenue, Majitha Road, PO Naushera, Amritsar 143008 (India)


Human welfare depends on ideas. The range is impressive, from meditation to medication and everything in between. The germ theory of disease to the notion that speciation is a consequence of natural selection to the theory of computation to the grand unified theories of the origin of the universe to the notion that the mind and the body are a unity and that they interact and influence each other—all are ideas which have consequences for the well being of people.  Over human history, some humans have had ideas on how to do things based on discoveries they or their forbearers made. As the stock of ideas grew, so did the ability of humans to create stuff out of available raw materials increased. Full article in pdf: ideas


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