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Autar Dhesi – Some Writings in England

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A Southall man who came to Britain in 1958 with a BSc in Natural Science from Punjab University, was awarded his Ph.D. in national economic planning from the University of Birmingham, on Friday.
He is Mr. Autar Singh Dhesi of 176 Regina Road, Southall.
Mr. Dhesi won a post-graduate diploma in Development Administration at Leeds in 1966. Two years later, he was awarded an M.Sc. in International Economics at Surrey University. In 1971 he qualified for a M.Soc.Sc. degree at Birmingham University, where he won a Research Council Scholarship in Social Sciences. In between he taught at Coventry University.
Mr. Dhesi was secretary of Southall Indian Worker’s Association for many years, and joint secretary of the National India Defence Fund Committee. He was a founder member of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination.
In 1963, he was the first Indian from Southall to be invited to the Queen’s Garden party.

(Published in Middlesex County Times (London), July 19, 1974)

Below are some of the author’s writings kindly received at the PRG from the Punjab University.

Student Graffiti by A. Dhesi

a.dhesi prg (pdf)

PRG Meeting June 2011 – Royal Holloway

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The meeting was kindly hosted by Ali Usman Qasmi, Royal Holloway.

F. M. Bhatti, Independent Researcher
‘Sikh Pilgrims to the Punjab Pakistan: cultural change, revival and change’

Hassan Javid, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology,
London School of Economics and Political Science
‘Land and Power: The Politics of Space in the Punjab Canal Colonies, 1886-1926’

Margaret Walton-Roberts Director, International Migration Research Centre Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario
‘Transnational arbitragers: immigration brokers and new processes and patterns of India-Canada diasporic reproduction’

Virinder Kalra, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester
‘Gugga Pir as the Hybrid Norm’

Elisabetta Iob, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Royal Holloway
‘“The sword of Heaven is not in haste to smite/Nor yet doth linger”: the rise of the Muslim League in Malik Barkat Ali and Muhammad Ali Jinnah private correspondence’

Call for Papers: Immigration and Visual Culture

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agency, an online, peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, invites submissions for a special issue on Immigration and Visual Culture. Technologies such as photography and film have played a crucial role in representing, constructing, and reifying the immigrant subject and immigrant experiences. Recent technological innovations, from YouTube and social networking sites to DVD and video downloading to surveillance technologies, have changed the ways in which immigrant subjectivities and experiences are constructed and disseminated.

agency invites submissions of essays examining the relationship between immigration and visual culture. How have immigrant subjectivities and experiences been represented and constructed by visual culture? How have immigrant subjectivities and experiences been transformed by technological innovations? In what ways does visual culture participate in the surveillance and regulation of immigrants and immigrations? What opportunities does visual culture provide for the articulation of immigrant identities or the resistance of dominant discourses of immigration?

agency is an interdisciplinary journal of the humanities and social sciences, and we will consider submissions working within or across any disciplines associated with the humanities and social sciences (and beyond). The ideal agency essay is scholarly and rigorous but also accessible and engagingly written.

Submissions should be 4000-5000 words and should be formatted in accordance with the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook.

The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2010. Please submit submissions via email to the editor, Dr. Douglas Ivison, at douglas.ivison@lakeheadu.ca.
agency is published by Lakehead University’s Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture (http://theagency.lakeheadu.ca).

Project Researcher in Migration Management at DIIS

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A 3-year position as project researcher in the field of migration management is now available at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). The vacancy is to be filled as soon as possible and preferably by 1 September 2009.

The candidate is expected to work in the Migration research unit at DIIS with a particular focus on strengthening and developing research on migration management. We are looking for a candidate with a strong profile in one or more of the following areas:

  • Migration as a foreign policy issue
  • Migration control
  • Asylum and refugee policy
  • Labour migration and legal migration policy
  • EU asylum and immigration policies

The ideal candidate is expected to have and maintain an updated understanding of major policy developments in the field of migration management both in Denmark and internationally. Candidates with a proven theoretical knowledge of the international regulatory frameworks and/or political economy surrounding migration will be preferred.

Further details: http://www.diis.dk/sw81898.asp

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Religion and Globalization in Asia: Prospects, Patterns, and Problems for the Coming Decade

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March 13 &14, 2009 University of San Francisco, Lone Mountain Campus

Presented by The Kiriyama Chair for Pacific Rim Studies at the USF Center for the Pacific Rim

Join us in beautiful San Francisco as keynote speakers Mark Juergensmeyer (UC Santa Barbara), Saskia Sassen (Columbia), Nayan Chanda (Yale)-and nine other presenters — explore the dynamics of globalizing forces on the established and emerging religions of South and East Asia.   One of our central concerns will be to understand “the dialectical tension of codependence and codeterminism between religion and globalization.” How do communication technologies, capital flows, security issues, transnationalism, immigration and migration, and identity politics contribute to social conditions in which some kinds of religious belief and practice prosper and proliferate, while others are adversely affected?

Conference Description:
Few scholars or policy makers twenty years ago could have imagined that the first decades of the 21st century would be a time of explosive and wide-spread religiosity. As modernity progressed and societies became more secular and democratic, religion was supposed to loosen its hold on the ways men and women envisioned their place in the world. On the contrary, the dynamics of globalization-such as communication technologies, immigration and migration, capital flows, transnationalism, and identity politics-have contributed to social conditions in which religious belief and practice not only survive but prosper and proliferate.

Further details: http://www.pacificrim.usfca.edu/religionandglobalization.html

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