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Call for Papers: Special issue on Imagining Punjab and the Punjabi Diaspora

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A Special Issue of South Asian Diaspora will be published in 2014 on: ‘Imagining Punjab and the Punjabi Diaspora’

Guest Editor: Anjali Gera Roy

South Asian Diaspora invites contributions to this Special Issue that will foreground the region within diaspora studies through focusing on Punjab, a land-locked region divided between India and Pakistan in 1947. The special issue will explore the importance of the home village/town/city, language and culture rather than the nation for many Punjabis living in the diasporas as well as for those displaced by the 1947 Partition, and will contribute to broader debates on transnationalism, postnationalism, micronationalism, and
new identity narratives emerging in the twenty first century. Papers will focus on Punjab as an ethno-spatial complex, a social form and a type of consciousness, and will address the ways in which multiple imaginings of Punjab as a site of diasporic nostalgia and longing produce inclusive as well as exclusionary narratives of self, home and community. Drawing on historical and post-colonial understandings of the region across a wide range of locations and disciplines, the papers will explore the importance of Punjab, Punjabi language and Punjabi culture in diasporic imagination, memory, identity, and everyday practices. By investigating the meanings of Punjab and Punjabiyat in the past and the present, the special issue will contribute to understandings of postnational formations within a South Asian context.

All invited and contributed manuscripts to this special issue will be peer reviewed. For guidelines of how to prepare the manuscript, please visit the journal website: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/rsad
Manuscripts for the Special Issue should be submitted no later than 31 March 2013. Submission of manuscripts through electronic mail (preferably as MS Word attachment) to Anjali Gera Roy (anjali@hss.iitkgp.ernet.in) is especially encouraged. Alternatively,
please submit three printed copies and an electronic version (MS Word format on a floppydisk or a CD) of the manuscript to:

Professor Anjali Gera Roy
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology
Kharagpur – 721 302
Phone : +91 3222 283616       (O);  +91 3222 283617       (R)

Fax : +91 3222 282270 (O)


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The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue

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The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue™ is a forum for academic, social, and timely issues affecting religious communities around the world. Published online, it is designed to increase both the quality and frequency of interchanges between religious groups and their leaders and scholars. By fostering communication, the Journal hopes to contribute to a more tolerant, pluralistic society.

The Journal works to maintain the highest level of academic integrity. Managed and edited by a multifaith team of seminary students and scholars, all articles undergo a double-blind peer review by the academics, theologians, and non-profit leaders who serve on its Board of Scholars and Practitioners. The Journal’s very operation demonstrates that, while significant differences do indeed exist between religious communities, they need not preclude collaborative efforts and general good will.

Starting the Conversation
The inaugural edition of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue™ is dedicated to the dynamics of dialogue itself. With articles from students, scholars, and leaders around the world, it aims to enrich discourse about the benefits and challenges of interacting, both as individuals and communities, with different religious traditions. We invite you to take part in this conversation and to share your personal perspectives and experiences as a person of faith, or no faith at all, living in a multi-religious world.  http://irdialogue.org/

Journal of Punjab Studies Spring-Fall 2008 Vol 15, Nos. 1&2

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Table of Contents

Gurinder Singh Mann           Editorial                                                                   


Part I.                                   Guru Gobind Singh: Life and Legacy                  

J.S. Grewal                          Guru Gobind Singh: Life and Mission                       

Indu Banga                           Raj-Khalsa: Ideology and Praxis                               

Reeta Grewal                       Anandpur: The City of Guru Gobind Singh               


Part II.                                  Writings Around 1700                                             

Ami P. Shah                         Liturgical Compositions in the Dasam Granth         

John Stratton Hawley           Shabad Hazare                                                         

Christopher Shackle            Zafarnama                                                                

Ami P. Shah                         Ugradanti and the Rise of the Tisar Panth               

John Stratton Hawley & Gurinder Singh Mann                                                       Mirabai in the Pothi Prem Ambodh                                            


Part III.                                 Additional Reference Materials                            

Gurinder Singh Mann           Sources for the Study of Guru Gobind Singh’s Life and Times  

Gurinder Singh Mann           Facsimiles of Core Compositions in the Earliest Manuscripts of the Dasam Granth  


Further details: http://www.global.ucsb.edu/punjab/jps_vol_15.html

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