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What Makhan Singh means to me by Amarjit Chandan

Posted in Articles, Poetry and Literature by Pippa on June 9, 2009

Paper presented at:

Trade Union and Working Class Struggles: Makhan Singh and the TU Movement in Kenya. Department of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University. 25 March 2009

 From the window of the departing train I vaguely remember the figure of Makhan Singh waving and saying Sat Sri Akal (God is Truth) – goodbye (God be with you). This was to be the last time we saw him. My father and Makhan Singh never met again. Four months later Makhan Singh was to be arrested and spent almost 12 years in solitary confinement. My father was to die in the Punjab in 1969 and Makhan Singh four years later in Nairobi.

Read full paper:what makhan singh means to me

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