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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Violence, Memory, and the Dynamics of Transnational Youth Formations

Posted in Academic Journals by Pippa on October 9, 2012

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Violence, Memory, and the Dynamics of Transnational Youth Formations

Eds Kamal Arora, Duygu Gül & Michael Nijhawan

We invite submissions for a special issue of Sikh Formations that tackles the relationship between violence, memory and transnational youth formations. In recent years, we are witnessing a massive mobilization of youth not only in the streets of the Middle East, but globally, from Spain to Quebec, and London to Athens. Youth are engaged in forms of identity making in contexts of neoliberal capitalism, authoritarian states, and diasporic spaces. This special issue seeks to shed light on youth subjectivities and contemporary forms of social and political engagements through a transnational lens. We invite contributions that assess the burgeoning forms of transnational contours of youth formations, and reflect on new languages emerging in encounters with states, political regimes and other actors. As this issue is interdisciplinary and the focus is transnational, scholarly papers as well as creative works that focus on a wide variety of geographical localities, including a transnational and/or diasporic component are welcome.

Broadly, we welcome papers that:

  • theorize youth formations in relation to violence and memory, which might include social and political activism, social media, multiculturalism and the state, diaspora and transnationalism, gendered identities, security and migration, religion and secularism;
  • reflect on the specificity, flexibility and adaptability of the category of “youth” in each analyzed context by paying specific attention to the politics of categorization;
  • examine diasporic contexts and formation of other youth constellations, be they nationally or internationally defined.

We invite authors to submit papers that reflect multiple interdisciplinary perspectives, including scholarly papers as well as creative works such as non-fiction narrative, poetry, memoir and photographic essays. The deadline for abstracts is: December 10th, 2012. Detailed abstracts of 300-500 words should be e-mailed to youthfor@yorku.ca by December 10th, 2012. Once abstracts have been selected by the editorial team, authors are requested to submit their manuscripts by May 1st, 2013. Manuscripts for scholarly papers should follow the format provided on ‘Instructions for Authors’ page of the Sikh Formations website and be between 8000 to 10000 words, including all notes and references. Narrative pieces or creative essays should not exceed 2000 words. If you wish to have more information about this special issue, please contact us at youthfor@yorku.ca .

Guest editors Kamal Arora, Duygu Gül & Michael Nijhawan.

Lessons from West Bowling Youth Initiative Then, now and the future By Santokh Singh Gill with the WBYI

Posted in Articles by Pippa on January 22, 2009

This report focuses on identifying ‘what works’ in engaging young British Muslim Pakistani men. There is a great deal of media and policy attention given to Muslim communities in Britain. Yet the debates about community cohesion, citizenship and belonging within policy often fail to address the complexities of male Muslim identities and their everyday experiences. Lessons from West Bowling Youth Initiative addresses this, through an in-depth exploration of the work of one grassroots organisation located in West Bowling, Bradford.


The report highlights:

  • the impact made by the WBYI in building social capital, developing active citizenship, encouraging participation in neighbourhood life and increasing awareness;
  • the need for sustainability and flexibility in effective engagement with young British Muslim Pakistani men;
  • the importance of building trusting relationships with local communities;
  • the effectiveness of capitalising on local talent and local networks for meeting community needs;
  • the potential of creative arts informed project work.

For the full report: 2318-ethnicity-youngpeople-community

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