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PRG meeting October 2011 – Wolfson College, University of Oxford

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This meeting was kindly organised by Kaveri Qureshi and supported by Wolfson College, University of Oxford.

Adnan Rafiq, DPhil Candidate Politics, University of Oxford
‘Challenging Social Structures: A Practice-based Model for Understanding Maverick Behaviour’

Muhammad Shafique, Department of History, University College London
‘Cunningham’s Lahore 1832-1849: Cultural Homogenization of Religio-Political Heterogeneity under Sikhs’

Pritam Singh, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University
‘Instrumentalist versus intrinsic worth conception of human rights: the context of India and Punjab’

Gurdeep Khabra, PhD Candidate, School of Music, University of Liverpool
‘Music and the Heritage of the Punjabi Diaspora: Narrations of Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity’

Rusi Jaspal, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham
‘The construction of ethno-religious identity among a group of second generation British Sikhs: a socio-psychological approach’

PRG Meeting June 2011 – Royal Holloway

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The meeting was kindly hosted by Ali Usman Qasmi, Royal Holloway.

F. M. Bhatti, Independent Researcher
‘Sikh Pilgrims to the Punjab Pakistan: cultural change, revival and change’

Hassan Javid, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology,
London School of Economics and Political Science
‘Land and Power: The Politics of Space in the Punjab Canal Colonies, 1886-1926’

Margaret Walton-Roberts Director, International Migration Research Centre Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario
‘Transnational arbitragers: immigration brokers and new processes and patterns of India-Canada diasporic reproduction’

Virinder Kalra, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester
‘Gugga Pir as the Hybrid Norm’

Elisabetta Iob, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Royal Holloway
‘“The sword of Heaven is not in haste to smite/Nor yet doth linger”: the rise of the Muslim League in Malik Barkat Ali and Muhammad Ali Jinnah private correspondence’

PRG meeting October 2010 – University of Cambridge

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The meeting was kindly hosted by Dr Tahir Kamran, Iqbal Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

Ajit Singh, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge
Inaugural speech and some reflections on Punjab development

Kaveri Qureshi, University of Sussex
‘Hopes and Disappointment: Transnational Education in Punjab’

Iqbal Chawla, currently visiting University of Southampton ‘Lord Mountbatten’s Response to the Communal Riots in the Punjab: An Overview’
Ali Usman Qasmi, Royal Holloway, University of London ‘Sacred Violence vs State Violence: A Study of the Multiple Narratives of the Punjab Disturbances of 1953’

Shyamal Kataria, Royal Holloway, University of London
‘Sikh Refugee ‘Collective Memories’ as a Source of Ethno-national Conflict: The Case of Khalistan’

PRG Meeting 26 June 2010 – Coventry University

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The meeting is in collaboration with the ‘Gender, Caste and the Practices of Religious Identities’ Project funded by the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme.

Tahir Kamran and Abida Kauser

Abida Kauser, Bahaud-din Zakaria University, Multan
‘Multan Under Colonial Rule (1849-1901)’

Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul

Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul, Formerly Prof. Department of Economics, Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.
‘Land Tenure, The Commons and the Rural Community in Greater Punjab 1803-1947 An Institutional Analysis’

Sukhpal Singh

Sukhpal Singh, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
‘Political Economy of Institutional Mechanisms in the Indian Punjab’s Agricultural Sector: Experience and Issues’

Talvinder Gill

Talvinder Gill, University of Warwick
‘The Indian Workers Association Coventry 1938-1990: Political and Social Action’

Pandit Yashpaul and Tej Purewal

Pundit Yashpaul Former (Retd.) Head, Music Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh
‘A Journey through the Sacred and Secular Music Traditions of Punjab’

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