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Researching Wedding Photography in Birmingham: request for contacts

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I’m a doctoral candidate in visual anthropology at University of Oxford, and a contributor to the PRG blog. This is to seek your assistance in setting up my fieldwork. My research looks at wedding photography as a mode of representation amongst the Sikh diaspora in the UK. If you have contacts in Birmingham, especially amongst the Sikh community in Birmingham so I can meet someone even if it is for an informal chat, I’d love to hear from you. Since it is an anthropology project I plan to conduct fieldwork involving interviews and participant observation with wedding photographers covering Sikh weddings. It would be wonderful if you know anyone who does Asian wedding photography and would be interested in collaborating/ being interviewed for the project. I’d also love to talk to engaged and newly-wed couples about their wedding ceremonies, wedding albums, how they chose their photographer etc. I would be grateful for any ideas as to how to make contacts so I can attend a few Sikh weddings and get a sense of how the ceremonies are organised and documented via photography and videography.
I’m happy to provide you more details if you can help. My email id is: santhy.balachandran@wolfson.ox.ac.uk
I look forward to hearing from you.
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Prof Chaman Lal

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Global Organization of People of Indian Origin

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What is Gopio?


The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) welcomes you to GOPIO’s international network of people of Indian origin (PIO). GOPIO was founded at the First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin in New York in 1989. The initial thrust of GOPIO was fighting human rights violation of people of Indian origin. Although this has been improved in the last one decade, human rights violations continue to be a major issue for PIOs living outside India. GOPIO has now set its priorities in pooling our resources, both financial and professional, for the benefit of PIOs, the countries they come from and India. Toward this goal we welcome you to join in this international effort.



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Academia.edu: ‘tree’ of research institutions launches

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Please see note from Dr Richard Price


I’m a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, where I recently finished my Ph.D on the philosophy of perception.

Together with a team of people from Stanford and Cambridge, I’ve just launched a website, www.academia.edu, which does two things:

 – It displays academics around the world in a ‘tree diagram’ format, according to which institution/department they are affiliated with.
 – It enables researchers to keep track of the latest developments in their field – the latest people, papers, and talks.

We’re hoping that the site will eventually list every academic in the world — Faculty members, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students. People can add their departments, and themselves, to the tree by clicking on the arrows.

The site is getting some traction. Over 14,000 academics have joined Academia.edu in the last two months. Some professors on the site include:

 – Richard Dawkins –  http://oxford.academia.edu/RichardDawkins
 – Stephen Hawking –  http://cambridge.academia.edu/StephenHawking
 – Paul Krugman – http://princeton.academia.edu/PaulKrugman
 – Noam Chomsky –  http://mit.academia.edu/NoamChomsky

We’re trying to spread the word about Academia.edu as much as possible. It would be terrific if you could visit the site, and add yourself to your department on the tree. If your university is not there, you can add it by clicking on the arrows coming out of the university boxes.

Independent researchers – if you are a researcher that is not associated with a university, I encourage you to add yourself to the “Independent Researchers”

portion of the tree at http://independent.academia.edu

And do spread the word to your friends and colleagues if you can.

Dr. Richard Price
Prize Fellow, All Souls College

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Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) Joint Research Programmes

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In early 2009 HERA will launch two large Joint Research Programmes (HERA JRPs) on the following topics:

Cultural Dynamics

Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation

Participating research funders will jointly contribute to a “common pot” from which a number of Collaborative Research Projects will be funded. It is expected that the Call for Proposals will be opened by the end of 2008 / beginning of 2009. Collaborative research proposals can be submitted by research groups consisting of researchers from at least three participating countries.

Participating countries:

Currently, funding agencies in the following countries have subscribed to the two JRPs (those underlined have firmly committed): Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Throughout 2008 networking support will be offered to help eligible researchers to prepare for these transnational research programmes.

For more information: http://www.heranet.info/Default.aspx?ID=274

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A conference of Sikh diaspora in CUHK, Hong Kong

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Ka-kin Cheuk would like to get in touch with anyone who would be interested in participating/co-organizing/sponsoring a conference of Sikh diaspora to be held in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong.

The University is particularly interested in participating in a conference on Sikh identity and cultures in Hong Kong. If anyway would like to follow this up please contact:

Ka-kin CHEUK
M.Phil Candidate
Department of Anthropology
The Chinese
University of Hong Kong

Email: cheukk@alumni.cuhk.net

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