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Lajpat Rai in USA 1914 -1919: Life and Work of a Political Exile

Posted in Articles by Pippa on July 14, 2009

by Harish K. Puri 

The five year long stay of Lajpat Rai in America (including a six month sojourn in Japan) was a period of an unanticipated exile contrived by conditions created by the World War. When he sailed from London for New York in November 1914, it was proposed to be a six month trip to collect material for a book on America. But he was not allowed to return to India until the end of 1919. The nature of his life and work in USA was shaped as much by the constraints and challenges in the American situation as by his priorities and the state of his mind. A contextual approach to the study of his work for the national cause of India in USA may be more appropriate for the present exploration.

Read full article: Puri lala lajpat rai

About the author: Harish K. Puri retired  as Professor of Political Science and Chairman Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Chair, Guru Nanak Dev University. His research publications include seven books and over 120 research papers and popular articles. Noticeable among the books are Ghadar Movement, Ideology, Organization and Strategy; Terrorism in Punjab – Understanding Grass root Reality (co-authored); Social and Political Movements (edited) and many more.

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